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save money. save the Environment.

Reduce Heat loss

Verified by independent research facilities, our patented roller blinds deliver significant reduction of heat loss through windows. Save money on your next energy bill!

Complete light control

Experience the ultimate level of privacy and banish unwanted light with Climate Curtain’s blackout function. Pamper yourself with a great night’s sleep or a restful daytime nap.

Suitable for Listed Buildings

Conserve energy. Preserve culture. Installation is easy and requires no renovations that affect the special architectural or historic interest of protected buildings.

Bespoke Style and function

Climate Curtains are made-to-measure to ensure maximum functionality and the perfect aesthetic fit of every room.


Winner of Energy Globe National Award 2018

The Energy Globe Award is the world’s most prestigious award for sustainability, with projects submitted from over 180 countries annually.

Peter Hertz, CEO


The problem with heating buildings is that a tremendous amount of heat disappears through the windows. With the insulation value often to just a tenth of those of walls, windows are essentially holes in walls that leak energy.

Windows are the worst energy thieves

30-50% of heating costs are due to heat loss through windows, which amounts to approximately a loss of 5000 kWh in an average house a year. In public and commercial buildings such as schools, offices and other industrial buildings, the percentage of heat loss through windows is even greater, especially if there is a lot of glass in the structure.

Most buildings stand empty

While windows account for about a third of the energy loss for heating, offices and school buildings are not in use 60-75% of the time. This means that if the windows in a vacant building are covered with highly-insulating curtains, a lot of energy and money will be saved.

A new generation of climate-smart curtains

Climate Curtains is the solution. Our patented product retains the heat energy inside the building effectively.
How many windows are there on the planet?

of heating costs in an average house are due to heat loss through windows
of the time, offices, schools and government buildings stand empty with the heating on
savings on energy with the use of Climate Curtains; more if the window areas are larger.
off your annual costs on your energy bills while making a positive impact on the environment

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